Lois Carlson lecture

After difficult teenage years, Lois Carlson felt an early call to the healing practice of Christian Science. She took the basic course in healing at the end of her freshman year of college, and her practice began in her college dorm. Her first healings of others included overcoming suicidal tendencies and drug addiction. Many of these healings were recognized by the Dean of Women at her school who encouraged her to take her ministry seriously.

Convinced that her greatest to service to mankind would be through politics and government, her first job out of college was in City Hall. Despite the joy of many creative projects, she found that prayer was the key ingredient in getting anything done. After two years she left government work for the full-time healing ministry.

What she loves about practicing Christian Science is seeing the shift in thought as people move from points of view too small for them to the wider arenas of thought that are natural to the image and likeness of God. She has found with her own healings that praying for the wider needs of humanity protects her from self-absorption and keeps her engaged in her healing practice even if dealing with unsolved problems of her own.

Her local, branch church membership has been an essential support to her spiritual growth. The commitment to serve has been overshadowed by the great blessing of friendship, learning to live in community and a happier mental outlook.

Lois lives in downtown Chicago with her husband Michael and her two cats Tony and Sadie. She likes to swim, knit and bake pies!

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