Everyday Christian Science

Blue ink spotMy printer needed to have two ink cartridges replaced, one blue and one red. As I prepared the blue cartridge for insertion, it began to leak all over my fingers. I quickly put it in the printer, but the damage was done. Bright blue ink was all over my fingers. I grabbed a Kleenex to blot up some of it and rushed to the sink to wash off what I could. I tried soap of several varieties and even sprayed my hands with Oxyclean. Nothing worked. It faded slightly, but I still had bright blue fingers.

Since there wasn’t anything else I could do, I proceeded to very carefully replace the red cartridge, but the same thing happened, and now I had bright blue and scarlet red fingers! I was so grateful that I had some papers on the rug, because a big blob of red ink fell on the papers protecting the carpet.

It briefly passed my thought that Sunday and Church was just around the corner and I really didn’t want to show up with my multicolored hands. But then a phrase from Science & Health (page 306:25) came to me: “Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses,…” This gave me a peaceful sense and I pretty much forgot about it.

A while later, I was sitting in my chair reading an article from the Christian Science Journal, with my hands palms down on the pages holding the magazine open when I glanced down at my hands and thought it strange that I couldn’t see any of the color showing. I turned my hands palms up where most of the color was and there was no sign of any ink! There wasn’t a trace!

Needless to say, I rejoiced and thanked God for this quick evidence of how much even a short phrase of Truth applied can reverse the claims of the physical senses.


Ink photo by Max Stanworth