How I was introduced to Christian Science

I would like to share my personal experience relating how I was introduced to Christian Science…

Not having been born into a Christian Science family it was later in life, after college, that I had the opportunity to learn about it through a dear friend who was a teacher at the Principia Upper School in St. Louis, Missouri. I felt drawn to it, and was so impressed by the love and peace and joy these people expressed, that I began to explore it for myself.

At that time I was a teacher and had to call in sick one day because I wasn’t feeling well. My aforementioned friend and housemate left for work and I decided to check out the stack of Christian Science Sentinel magazines she had. They are a monthly publication with articles, and testimonies from those healed by relying on the teachings of Christian Science. I became engrossed in what I was reading and after a very short time was completely free of the problem. That experience was my first healing. Throughout the ensuing years I have been blessed many times over by studying the Bible and applying the principles of spiritual healing found in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, written by the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy.

Fast forward to the present, I am still on this spiritual journey and endeavoring to learn more every day about God and his spiritual creation (as recorded in Genesis I in the King James version of the Bible), and to follow the teachings of Jesus.

I am incredibly grateful for Mary Baker Eddy who discovered Christian Science and revealed it to the world. Truly, I cannot imagine my life without it!!

One more thing…I have often wondered how my life experiences played out the way they did. There were some clues along the way. Even though growing up, no one in my family ever mentioned Christian Science, I had a wonderful relationship with my grandmother, who I much later found out, was a follower of another religion which adheres to many of the teachings of Christian Science.

Several years ago I made a trip back to the Midwest after my mother had passed on to help pack things up in preparing to sell her home. Much to my surprise, when cleaning out a closet, I came across a old, tattered Science and Health that belonged to my great grandfather. My conclusion is that, the seed of Truth was planted a long time ago and grew throughout the years, finding expression in my life.

— Sherrill Tompkins