Thank you God! — Expressing gratitude for good

I have relied on Christian Science all my life and understand the power of gratitude   I often say out loud, ‘Thank You’ to God for something which I had found, something which went well, something which was a problem but no more a problem, for dropping something tiny on my multicolor carpet and being able to find it, for protection while driving, for the incredible blue sky I saw at lunchtime yesterday while I was in my patio.   My sense of gratitude includes being grateful for the delicious food I prepare, the home I live in, and my friends & family.  It goes on and on, the many reasons for which I am very thankful for  each and every day.

I am so grateful for all the good God has provided for me throughout these years, for the many physical and mental healings I have had as a student of Christian Science.  Christian Science has taught me that a sense of gratitude is a powerful tool to use in prayer and for a healing!  It has been proven that a sense of gratitude, even before the healing has taken place, is powerful towards the actual healing.

My sister’s daughter, Peg, attended a Christian Science Sunday School as a child.  Peg recently told me that she “grew up thanking God for the big and little miracles I experienced each day.  I also thank my Angels, who, I was raised to believe, are God’s messengers.  Sometimes, quietly, but often out loud, I say, ‘Thank You.’  I have grown up feeling blessed, and grateful that I have this knowledge that these things are an important part of my daily life.”
– Nancy