Son healed of painful bites

I have had many blessings as the result of being a student of Christian Science. One blessing my 9 year old son and I experienced, was a very quick healing of a severe case of painful flea bites on his body. We had just received 2 beautiful kittens and he was playing with them. Soon he came to me crying and saying he itched all over.  I immediately took off all his clothes and found what appeared to be an infestation of bites from fleas all over his torso, neck and face. It was a disturbing sight to me and very painful to him, to say the least. I told him I was going to call a Christian Science Practitioner and ask her to pray for him. I expected a healing as the result of her prayers. The practitioner asked me to read and think about a short paragraph, that pertained to the situation, and found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, our textbook written by Mary Baker Eddy.  I read it out loud to my son, stopping to explain what it meant. He stopped crying and listened attentively, but then the pain and discomfort took over. I realized that this was not just ordinary bug bites and realized that I needed to be just as aggressive in speaking, what we call, in Christian Science, “the truth” to him and to the pain.

So I spoke very firmly and aloud to my son, affirming that “God IS supreme, all powerful and this is true right NOW. There IS no other power than that of God and His goodness. As a child of God, he is free from pain and discomfort right now. I spoke these truthful statements of healing power loudly so he could hear me through his crying.

Immediately things started calming down.   I noted that his skin was clearing up.  I finished reading and continued explaining the citations from Mrs. Eddy’s book.  I told him I was going to call the practitioner and let her know the healing was almost complete.  With that, his skin was now clear except for a few bumps and a contorted eye, he said he wanted to go back outside and play.  I knew that if I were to believe that the healing was complete, I could not be doubtful and must know that others would not see a contorted eye.  He wanted to put his clothes back on.  The thought came to me that these were the clothes which were infested with fleas just a while ago. Certainly they should be washed before he wears them again.  Then I realized that if this healing is complete, then there was nothing to fear, and nothing in the clothes could cause a problem.  I prayed to know that this healing was complete and that included the freedom of the clothes from fleas.  He put the same clothes on and ran outside to play.  When he came inside an hour later, his face was free from bumps and completely clear.   His eye was normal.  I rejoiced in this healing! During the entire situation, panic and fear did not overtake me.  I calmly stuck to the Truth in knowing that we were under God’s loving care.  I was and am very grateful!

– Nancy H.