Allergies Healed – Sentinel Article

When I was a teenager, I began suffering from seasonal allergies at the end of each summer. Often when my family and friends were enjoying activities outdoors, I was either trying to keep up and feeling miserable, or cooped up indoors, not feeling much better.

Once when I was with my family at a lake with some good friends, I spent the day inside sneezing and blowing my nose. One of my friends, out of genuine concern, asked why I didn’t take some medicine to control the problem.

I had been raised in Christian Science, and my family had always relied on God for healing. I myself had witnessed and experienced countless instances of spiritual healing by turning to God. But after I’d been praying halfheartedly about the allergies without any results, the idea that something as simple as taking a pill might bring me relief from this suffering was an attractive one.

I love nature and have always found spiritual inspiration from hikes in the woods or quiet moments by a pond. I could very clearly see that flowers, trees, and other plants are reminders of God’s beauty and grace, which naturally “should uplift the thought,” not pull me into a state of misery.

Praying with these ideas, I found that the fear of seasonal allergies was soon gone. I was completely free from any symptoms of allergies. This healing occurred nearly 20 years ago, and I’ve never again suffered from allergies.

I am so grateful for this clear proof of God’s love for His creation, in which all His ideas coexist harmoniously with one another.

Heidi K. Van Patten
Petoskey, Michigan, US

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