Seeking spiritual guidance – Finding direction in our lives

From the Christian Science Sentinel

Excellent article originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel:

Which college should I attend, and what should I study? What profession shall I pursue, in what location? Is this the right time and the right person for me to marry? Is it better to be a stay-at-home parent or continue with my career?

When we need to make important decisions like these, with far-reaching consequences for us and perhaps others, nothing we can do is more gratifying or insures a better outcome than turning wholeheartedly to God for guidance. God, infinite Mind, is the very source of all being and intelligence. As our true Parent, He intends only good for us, and when we take a pressing question to Him in prayer, we can trust that the answer we receive will bless not only us but all concerned.

While it is entirely possible and natural to receive divine guidance in any aspect of our lives, seeking God’s will may require persistent spiritual discipline. What I have found in my own experience is that the necessary work has a great deal to do with putting off the human mind’s preoccupation with the pros and cons of a decision so that deep, humble, and genuinely open spiritual listening can take place.

When faced with a consequential decision, we don’t need to pore over lists of pros and cons and hope that luck is on our side. We really belong to omniscient Mind, the Father and Mother of all creation. This divine Parent gives us spiritual sense, which Mrs. Eddy explains is “a conscious, constant capacity to understand God” (Science and Health, p. 209). We can actually build our lives on the spiritual foundation God establishes for us as His loved children.

It’s not possible to escape the fact that we belong to God—that we are only and fully and beautifully what He expresses. Why be fooled into believing that this isn’t the case? We must eventually come to realize our actual oneness with our Father-Mother. And when we do, we’ll understand that we were never truly confused, uncertain, or lost, and never could be. God always has guided and always will guide every one of His children in the way of understanding.

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